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As I sit here writing this post there’s yet ANOTHER snowstorm happening outside (ugh) but these pieces from Dior’s Glow Vibes Collection for Spring 2020 are doing a fine job of making up for that. The only thing left is for spring to actually get here …



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167 Pink Vibration Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition (CAN $73.00) | Inspired by music and pop culture, Peter Philips (Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup) has created a colourful and whimsical collection for Spring 2020 — perfectly exemplified by the pattern on this palette. With stylized music notes accompanied by undulating waves, the five bright shades have a mix of matte and shimmery finishes. As with other Dior quints, the brand suggests using the top 2 + the centre hue for a lighter daytime look, and the bottom 2 + the centre hue for more drama — but that’s just a guideline and you’re free to experiment. The two darkest shades have the deepest colour payoff but the other 3 still display good pigmentation, albeit on a lighter scale. Overall, the effect is quite watercolour-like and makes for really pretty looks to go with the upcoming warmer weather. Longevity over primer is good as well, staying true without creasing or fading. (Also available: 327 Blue Beat, not shown)





Lip Glow Oil (CAN $42.00 – $45.00/each*) | Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this is the newest addition to the Dior Lip Glow family and is a hybrid gloss/lip care treatment product. The formula reacts with moisture & pH levels of the lips to provide a customized colour, while cherry oil helps to protect against external stressors and to minimize dryness, while revitalizing lips with continued use. The oversized paddle-shaped flocked applicator (identical to that of Clarins’ Lip Comfort Oils) is able to pick up enough product per swipe to cover the entire lip area, while the soft candy fragrance appears to dissipate soon after application.

Overall, this oil feels very comfortable along the lips and application couldn’t be easier; definitely a swipe-and-go product with no mirror required. The initial look is quite impressive, imparting a brilliant glassy shine which may not last all that long, but definitely leaves a hydrated feel behind. As to the colour adaptive properties, I see a difference with both 015 Cherry and 006 Berry, but 001 Pink remains more of a transparent gloss on my lips. Note that there are between 6-8 shades available, retailer dependant.

*Price seems to vary between retailers so research before buying






Backstage Rosy Glow Blush (CAN $46.00 – $49.00/each*) | Infused with the brand’s Color Reviver Technology, these are powder blushes that react with your skin’s moisture & pH levels to impart a customizable colour. The outer case depicts the colour on the inside while the surface of the powder is embossed all over with the Dior logo. The texture is very fine milled and blends beautifully along the skin, becoming almost a part of it as it melds with your natural oils & warmth. Staying power over foundation and/or primer is excellent as well. I just had a thought; you could probably also combine the two shades to create a whole new unique colour (runs to go try it out).

When I received these blushes, I immediately went hunting for my original Rosy Glow Blush from Dior as I was curious to see if the formula and colour had changed at all, but sadly it still hasn’t turned up. That said, 001 Pink is said to be the same, while 004 Coral is a brand new addition and is available only online or select retailers (Sephora, for one).

*Price seems to vary between retailers so research before buying



Lip Glow Diormania, limited edition (CAN $42.00 – $46.00*)|I’ve been a fan of the Lip Glow formula for years and love how easy it is to use and tote around, as well as the nourishing feel it imparts. Enriched with wild mango butter, the texture is buttery smooth and is said to help with moisture levels for up to 24 hours, although I can’t vouch for that as I happen to have dry lips and reapply quite a bit throughout the day. Also containing the same Color Reviving Technology as the Lip Oils, this may start off as a soft ballet pink shade but will adapt to a certain degree with your body’s pH levels to form a customized colour. What makes this tube stand out, however, is the adorable Diormania pattern along the tube — a real must especially if you’re a collector.

*Price seems to vary between retailers so research before buying



Thank you, Dior, for breathing some fresh spring air around here. with regards to this collection, I’m really enjoying the blushes and the Lip Glow, although I do like the Lip Glow Oils as well — I just personally prefer the ease of the former. As someone who enjoys wearing pinks, purples and even red eyeshadow tones, I find this palette is fun but also wearable at the same time; it’s all in how intensely [or not] you apply them. Overall, a thumbs up from me and definitely worth checking out for you.

Available at Sephora, The Bay & online




Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration


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