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The heat of the season has officially hit,and Dior’s Summer 2024 Collection is here to embody the spirit of summer, bringing us sunny shades and just the right amount of glow. It doesn’t hurt the cause that everything is so gorgeous to look at too, am I right?



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Diorshow 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes (CAN $90.00/each) | There are 2 eyeshadow palettes in the collection, both housed in the brand’s iconic slim-profile lacquered navy compacts. Interestingly, all the shades are shimmery and I’m ok with that because once the warmer weather begins, I usually prefer wearing a light wash of colour and I can always ground a look with liner, if needed. The textures are all buttery smooth and while pigmentation leans on the light side when worn dry, you always have the option of taking things up a notch by wearing the shades dampened. TIP: Dior designs their palettes to be goof-proof; the top 2 shades plus the middle make for an easy daytime/everyday look, while the bottom 2 shades plus the middle work great for an evening look.


333 Coral Flame | The warmer & more neutral-leaning of the two palettes, the shades all work great individually or layered together, with the added advantage of the gold hue which can also be worn in a highlighter capacity.


933 Pastel Glow | The cooler and more eclectic-leaning of the two palettes, there is still enough warmth in some of the shades to suit a variety of complexions. For some reason, I am so drawn to that lavender hue, and love its unique addition to this colour harmony.


Nude Forever Glow Maximizer (CAN $56.00) |Housed in a study glass rectangular tube, this is a liquid highlighter that’s applied via a flocked applicator. Following the huge success of the previous Forever Glow Maximizers that were recently released (read my review here) this is a universally flattering nude shade that has both cool and warm tones in it, making it suitable for a broad range of skin tones. Beautifully pigmented and strongly colour saturated, you can nevertheless sheer it out for a lighter wash of colour, or layer it up for more pizzazz. This was one of 2 highlighters I took on my recent trip to Greece for my daughter’s wedding which I ended up using on the entire wedding party — and it looked amazing on everyone!





Looking at the above comparisons, you can almost say that if Gold and Pink had a baby, Nude would be the result.

661 Natural Hibiscus Dior Addict Lip Tint (CAN $54.00) | Housed in a rectangular sturdy plastic tube with the Dior logo in raised lettering, this is a cross between a lip stain and gloss, applied via a flocked applicator. The texture feels like water upon application but the consistency adheres easily to the lips. Not as intense as a true stain, it still leaves a nice tint behind even when the majority of the product has worn off. This shade is a luscious watermelon-like pink with enough red to give it body, as well as both cool & warm tones in the base that makes it universally wearable. As with the liquid highlighter, this was also included in my makeup bag on my recent trip, and made for the perfect shade to reach for — especially when going out in the evening. Literally: a few swipes of mascara, a hit of highlighter, and this lippie = look done.



Le Vernis (CAN $44.00/each) | Housed in rectangular glass bottles, the two shades of this collection are summer personified: the shimmery yellow which represents the sun, and the creamy aqua representing water — both so gorgeous. Dior nail polishes rank as some of my absolute favourites, and this collections does not disappoint. The brush is amazing, the texture and flow of both is excellent, the finish is brilliant, and even the wear time is bang on; just make sure to layer a base coat underneath (making sure your nails are clean of any moisture/oils) and finish with a top coat to seal everything in.

Both shades are shown below with 2 coats of polish, no top coat (for photography purposes).

  • 203 Pastel Mint – the creamiest aqua
  • 204 Lemon Glow – soft yellow with ultrafine golden shimmer, non streaking




Dior is a brand that I wear often and have for many years (decades) now, with the reason being that I am loyal to products that deliver. This collection is an overall a yes for me, and I really appreciate how everything works so cohesively together. The biggest hits in my opinion? The highlighter, Lip Tint and nail polishes, but lately I’ve been having fun creating looks with the palettes as well. So I guess that means it’s all a hit, lol

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Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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