Dior – Mitzah #753 Eyeshadow Palette (swatches & review)



A few weeks ago when Dior released their 4-piece limited edition ‘Mitzah’ collection, I had my heart set on the two nail lacquers, ‘Camel’ & ‘Ebony’ (previously reviewed here), but then I spied this eye palette, and instantly knew that I could not resist its charms! For starters, these are all highly wearable colours, adaptable for either the workplace or a night on the town, and then I noticed the raised leopard print pattern…how original and well executed!



The regular lineup of Dior eye shadow boxes are usually a glossy navy blue, but the Mizah palette comes in a shiny, sophisticated black.



If you store your eye shadow palettes in their original box, then having the name and/or number on top makes it easy to find.



Bearing a blue velour protective sleeve, helps to keep your compact ding-free.



The compact..a highly lacquered deep, almost indigo colour, with the Dior logo embossed in silver.



The surprise bonus: the interior of the compact liner bears a leopard print!



At the top left of the palette, there is a luxurious sable brown shadow, and while at first glance it appears rather matte, it actually has a lovely subdued pearly sheen once applied.  Being a dark shade, you would think that it would come across as quite opaque, but the reality is that it feels like more of a wash of colour, yet easily buildable to achieve a deeper tone.



The top right shadow is a gorgeous, silky fawn-taupe hue with the same pearly glow as the top left shade, and a slight pinkish-coppery duochrome tone to it that adds such incredible visual interest and depth to what would otherwise be a rather neutral colour.



The center shadow, monogrammed with M. Dior’s initials, is the most perfect camel shade and the only true matte colour of this palette. Giving off an overall soft-focus effect, this is the perfect hue to act as a counterweight to the other colours in this palette.



The bottom left shadow is a shimmery bone hue, yet the finish is delicately glowing like that of an actual pearl, and with what appears to be a subtle pale lavender-pink duochrome look to it, elevating this shade from your usual ivory hue.



The bottom right shadow is a deep khaki, grey-brown hue, made incredibly complex with very subtle and intricately coloured shimmer, that paradoxically appears less when applied than what’s seen in the pan.  Slightly more pigmented than the other dark shade of this palette, it has a buttery smooth consistency and comes off as a cross between a matte and a satin-y hue, with a very refined sheen to it.


The following swatches were done over a layer of NARS’ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, and applied quite heavily for the photos.  The order is from left to right: bottom left shadow, top left shadow, center shadow, top right shadow, and bottom right shadow.



Seen in natural daylight, you can see the smooth texture of all these shades, and while there are two dark hues in this palette, they still differ from each other.



Sunlight brings out each hue’s inner glow, and serves to pinpoint the slight duochrome effect found in two of the colours.



When seen in partial shade, these otherwise warm hues now settle into a cooler finish, while the matte texture of the center shade is quite evident.



A final view taken with flash showcases the individuality of each of these shadows and helps to bring the delicate shimmer to the fore.


Final thoughts: I absolutely adore this palette, and for so many reasons; first of all, the quality of the finely-milled powder is exceptional and while the colour payoff may not be extreme, I prefer being able to build my colour up, rather than have something so pigmented that it can almost be a hazard to apply.  As these hues are not outrageous, you can wear them during the day or to work with ease.  By increasing the darker hues in the eye crease, as well as the top and bottom lash lines, you now have a club-ready look…all from the same palette. Exclusive to Sephora, at last check this item was still available on their website and retails for US $60.00/CAD $63.00.  This is one  palette that I am so pleased to have indulged in, as it is beautiful as well as highly versatile, with earthy tones that transcend all seasons and skin tones.


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