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Guerlain has been really leading the charge in the luxury sector when it comes to mindful beauty, and their latest KissKiss Bee Glow balm is no exception. Fitting in somewhere between makeup and beauty, I’ve been steadily wearing this little gem down since it came in … it’s THAT good.



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The balm came nestled in its own little bed of live wild flowers. I mean, too cute, no?


KissKiss Bee Glow 258 Rose Glow (CAN $50.00) | Housed in the brand’s gold packaging and stamped with the iconic bee symbol on the cap, this is a honey infused balm that will have your lips sighing in relief (for real). Enriched with honey and made of 98% natural-origin ingredients (the remaining 2% is there to help preserve the integrity of the formula), this is said to “revive the natural colour of the lips” via the addition of eosin — an ingredient that responds to the pH level of the lips, while also adding a touch of glowing shine. Thanks to ‘back-filling’ technology, the creamy buttery texture (soooooo good) also contains beeswax and is infused with lavender from Provence, to help provide a calming feel and continuous nourishment.

I cannot live with lip balm; thanks to the wild climatic mood swings of where I live, summers can be ridiculously hot & humid, while winters are usually insanely cold & blustery — conditions which combine to suck every last ounce of moisture from skin, hair, and in particular, lips. It goes without saying that I’ve tried more than my fair share of balms, and while I have my tried & true cheapie treatment version, I’ve yet to come across anything that feels as luxuriously creamy as this Bee Glow. It looks good, it feels amazing, but more importantly, it keeps my lips feeling nourished throughout wear and even long after all traces are gone.

Available in 6 softly tinted shades

When this balm arrived, it came in time for a very special campaign: World Bee Day, a cause that’s close to both mine & Guerlain’s hearts. For the second yearn in a row, the brand aimed to gather € 1 million within three days to help strengthen its “Guerlain for Bees Conservation Programme” — an initiative that exceeded its goals last year, I might add and works to protect these little wonders of nature.



There are many lip balms in the luxury sector that make all kinds of claims, but I’ve yet to come across one that fully delivered — until KissKiss Bee Glow. Definitely on the pricey side but the way I see it, my lips deserve all of the pampering. I’ll continue to use my inexpensive option as well, but you can bet that this baby will be the one I take with me when I go out … and I’ll take every opportunity to use it!

Available at Guerlain counters and online



Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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