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I’m relatively new to Herbivore Botanicals (previously reviewed here), but what I have tried to date, has absolutely impressed me. This summer so far we’ve been rocked with high temperatures, intense humidity, and extreme smog due to raging wildfires — all of which tends to play havoc with everything, including our skin. That’s where these products shine, as they help to provide relief from all these external aggressors. Oh, and the packaging? Right in my wheelhouse.



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AQUARIUS BHA + Blue Tansy Clarity Cleanser (CAN $34.00/100 ml, 3.38 oz) | Housed in a translucent sky blue glass bottle with a pump dispenser, this cleanser is geared more towards oily & acne prone skin, although those with combination skin can probably also benefit. Target concerns are: enlarged pores, oily skin, as well as acne/blemishes. The formula contains BHA, Blue Tansy, and Zinc to form a powerful trio of ingredients that help balance excess oil, along with minimizing the appearance of pores. The texture is thin and spreads easily, washing off completely without leaving any residue or that stripping feeling to skin. This cleanser has a pleasant herbal/citrusy floral scent, one which dissipates quickly after it’s washed off. Even though my skin is neither oily (except in the T-zone during warmer weather) or acne prone, I find that by using this cleanser about twice a week during the hot & sweaty summer months, it helped to keep my complexion in check. I’m thinking that it might also be good to use after exerting on the tennis court — I’ll have to remember to give that a ‘shot’ (intentional tennis reference, lol).

NOVA 15% Vitamin C + Turmeric Brightening Serum (CAN $65.00/30 ml) | Housed in a translucent neon yellow glass bottle with a pump dispenser, this serum packs a powerhouse group of ingredients aimed at combatting dullness, dark spots, and uneven skin texture. The formula contains 15% THD Vitamin C — a potent oil-soluble ingredient that penetrates deeply into the skin to help brighten dark spots and improve hyperpigmentation. Said to immediately boost radiance and significantly brighten complexion as early as within 7 days, it’s also gentle enough to be used by those with sensitive skin. Other key ingredients include antioxidant-rich turmeric which helps reduce visible redness and evens skin tone, Bearberry Arbutin which also works to even the skin, and Kakadu Plum to help boost brightness. Pale yellow in colour, the texture is silky and melts wonderfully into the skin while the gentle ginger-like natural fragrance dissipates quickly after application. I apply Vitamin C daily and I’m also somewhat obsessed with serums, so to have to two combined in one is very attractive to me; sort of like the beauty equivalent of killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

SUPER NOVA 5% Vitamin C + Caffeine Brightening Eye Cream (CAN $65.00) | Powered by the same THD Vitamin C as in the serum, but in a smaller concentration, and containing anti-oxidant rich turmeric and ‘awakening’ caffeine, the texture is a lush yet lightweight cream in a pale yellow hue. Said to instantly de-puff eyes, it also helps to brighten the appearance of dark circles within 7 days. Created to also work beautifully under makeup (specifically, concealer) without breaking up or pilling, this cream works for both day and nighttime use. I’m fortunate to not have any dark circles to deal with, but under eye bags are the bane of my existence, and anything that can help with that, is a massive WIN for me.

ORCHID Facial Oil (CAN $99.00 50 ml, 4.7 oz) | Housed in a transparent rectangular glass bottle and dispensed via a dropper, this facial oil can be used by all skin types, including those with mature skin. Created using lush exotic floral oils, it helps to provide hydration and keeps it locked in for long-lasting comfort. Targeted to help with dryness, dullness, and providing age-benefitting properties, this oil is relatively lightweight yet impactful; a little goes a long way (aka: 3-4 drops are more than enough to cover the entire face and neck). The pale gold oil has a delicate jasmine fragrance. Key ingredients include:

Orchid Extract: A natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin and locks it in. Orchid Extract works to smooth and condition the appearance of skin. Additionally, it contains important minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc

Camellia Oil: Known in Japan as Tsubaki, Camellia Oil has been used for centuries in Japanese skin care routines. It is a lightweight oil that easily absorbs into the skin. Rich fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, Camellia naturally gives skin a luminous new glow

Jasmine Sambac Oil:
Comes from the night blooming variety of Jasmine. It is a sweet and exquisite oil that has been used in skincare and perfumery for centuries with good reason; the scent is intoxicating and the oil itself works to increase the skin’s moisture content and increase elasticity

Squalane: (Derived from olives) Squalane has excellent emollient properties and acts as a light protective barrier to lock moisture in the skin. It also protects the skin against the appearance of hyperpigmentation and premature aging

I can’t express my love of facial oils enough; they truly are amazing and can make such a huge difference in your skincare routine. I’ve even been known to skip moisturizer and just apply an oil after my serum. As I’ve gotten older and my skin’s needs have changed (thanks to menopause), I find that my skin not only feels dehydrated, but that I need a richer cream to give me that deeply nourished feeling. While you can certainly apply this oil on its own in your skincare routine, I personally have been loving using it in tandem with my day moisturizer by adding in 4-5 drops, then mixing that together. For evening, I do something similar but with Herbivore’s Phoenix Facial Oil (reviewed here), as this is slighter more viscous in nature and will slowly be absorbed by my skin as I sleep.

My love of luxury skincare is no secret, but every now and then I’m introduced to brands that surprise me in the best way possible; Herbivore Botanicals is one such brand. Every single product I’ve tried to date has performed beautifully and I see the results upon my skin — I’ve already got my eye on a bunch of other products that I really want to try, so that fact basically says it all. Verdict: definitely a range you should check out. Definitely.

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Kindly provided by herbivore for my unbiased consideration

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