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I first heard of LORAC about 25 years ago and while I was on a weekend trip to NYC, I purchased a couple of products  … which then almost landed me in major trouble at customs upon my return home. The short version is that the customs agent was a real a$$ and wanted to nail me on the 2 items claiming they were “super expensive” (they weren’t), but the hassle was so, so real. That said, at least I got a good story out of it! So when this totally unexpected package came in the other day, it brought all those memories back — but with a stress-free ending this time around.



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The package came with 3 mini scented candles, each one in a slightly different glass container and matched to each highlighter — such a lovely & thoughtful touch!


Light Source Mega Beam Highlighter (CAN $32.00/each) | Available in the three shades shown, these are ‘amped’ up powder highlighters that feature micro-fine pearl pigments to help boost radiance, while also offering up ‘light-diffusing luminosity‘ (not exactly sure what this last bit is about, but ok). The fragrance and gluten-free formula is infused with anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E, along with cucumber, chamomile, and willow bark extracts. The texture is gorgeous; creamy smooth to the touch, buildable, and quite pigmented while still also being easy to blend out. Excellent staying power too, especially when worn over foundation and/or primer.


Celestial | pale icy gold


Gilded Lily | soft rose gold (please ignore the nick in the powder — me & my clumsy nails. Ugh)


Glow For Gold | vivid bronze gold



All three shades swatched heavily here to show their brilliance and colour, but they’re super easy to blend out for a more diffused effect.



Holy Lash Volumizing Mascara (CAN $29.00) | My 3 must-haves if I were stranded on a deserted island, would have to be 1) sunscreen, 2) lip balm, and 3) mascara — because I might be stranded, but that doesn’t mean I have to look the part, am I right? So it’s safe to assume that I’m a mascara fan but I do have my criteria: I want a product that delivers intense colour (usually the blacker, the better), provides mega volume and length, and won’t flake or smear throughout wear. You’ll notice that I don’t have “curl” on that list, mainly because my lashes have a pretty good natural curl — but if that feature comes with the mascara, I won’t hate it. So how does this one rate again that, you ask? Amazingly well, actually and checks off all the boxes. The innovative formula is packed with a ‘gelled transparent network of elastic effect powder‘ that helps to create a true jet-black matte velveteen effect. Other ingredients include shea butter & Vitamin E to help nourish, fortify, soften, and condition lashes. The custom designed ultra-volumizing brush has rigid petal-shaped bristles to help lift and separate lashes, and while it leans on the large size, it’s still easy enough to manipulate even for tiny lash hairs. Another advantage is that not only does this mascara last well without fading or flaking, but is also easy to remove at the end of the day — meaning it won’t stress delicate lashes. Oh, and it also happens to be the one I’ve been reaching for since it arrived: that fact alone speaks for itself.




LORAC is a brand that’s not really talked about much on social media, which is a shame because if these products are anything to judge by, it’s a brand well  worth investing in. The highlighters can stand their own against any luxury brand you might think of — only priced way better, and even the mascara is one of the better ones I’ve tried of late. In closing, consider me impressed. Wowed, even.


Available exclusively on Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix online




Kindly provided by LORAC for my unbiased consideration

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