CHANEL · Les Beiges Oversize Healthy Glow Tender Pink Highlighting Powder


Coinciding with the rest of CHANEL’s summer releases (reviewed here, here & here) is this Les Beiges Oversize Highlighting Powder which seems to have snuck under everyone’s radar for some reason, but still worth ‘highlighting’ just the same. See what I did there? lol



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Les Beiges Tender Pink Oversize Healthy Glow Highlighting Powder (CAN $100.00) | Housed in the range’s beige compact but in oversized form, this highlighting powder also comes in the shade Soft Peach (not shown). Bearing the same embossed pattern on the powder’s surface as the bronzers of this collection (reviewed here), I initially assumed that this was another bronzer shade … until I read the name. The texture is quite fine and very easy to blend out on the skin, and the large pan size means you can swirl in even your largest brush — convenient if you wish to apply this powder to larger parts of the body such as décolleté, shoulders, or shins. Make no mistake, however; this isn’t your usual highlighter aka: no sparkles or bling, but one that provides a subtle and refined glow for a truly natural radiance. In my opinion, this is less traditional “highlighter”, but more of a skin enhancing powder — and could even possibly double as a setting powder, especially if you’re looking for something without a matte finish. It’s quite difficult to accurately capture & describe the finish, probably because it looks so natural … but better, if that makes any sense.


A side by side comparison with the bronzer to show how similar they are visually, but the application proves otherwise.



I immediately pulled out a few other CHANEL powders from my collection to see if I had anything close. I thought at first that Éclat du Désert (released in 2020 & reviewed here) would be a match since that too has a soft glow, but the swatches show how different they are. Note that I do have a light tan right now, so the swatch looks much lighter against my skin. That said, my feeling is that the Soft Peach shade might be a better match for me in general, but I still think I prefer the skin brightening properties of this Tender Pink hue.


I approach wearing highlighter according to my mood and/or the occasion; I’ll pull out a product with more obvious shine for something formal (ie: wedding), but I prefer a highlighter with a refined glow for everything else. What I like about Tender Pink is that it does give me that subtle radiance I’m looking for and without ever going over the top, while also serving to set the rest of my look. And who doesn’t love multi-tasking makeup?

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Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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