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Luxury beauty brand Clé de Peau recently launched some new lipsticks in several formulas, and I received some to test out. As a lifelong lip gloss girl, I confess to now reaching more for lipstick — especially since mask mandates lifted. I guess that’s my way of celebrating!



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Satin & Matte Lipstick (CAN $80.00/each) | Housed in luxe gold and navy cases with the brand’s logo on one side, these come in either a satin or a matte formulation. The tulip shaped bullet has been specifically created that way, in order to hug lip contours with ease. Providing full coverage from the first swipe, the formula is enriched with Premium Argan Oil to ensure absolute hydration throughout wear. Also included in the formula:

  • Light-Empowering Enhancer  – delivers a naturally radiant finish by moisturizing and smoothing lips’ surface for optimal light diffusion and reflection
  • Translucent Pigment EX  – creates striking, true-to-life colour payoff
  • Comfort Fit Oil provides comfortable sensation on lips without compromising finish

  • Legend of Rouge – vibrant red, warm toned satin
  • Refined Red – rich red, cool toned satin
  • Exuberant – pink nude, matte
  • Bold as Brick – brick red, matte

All shades regardless of finish, glide easily along the lips and provide full & even coverage from the first swipe. While I don’t usually wear mattes, I’m surprised by how comfortable these are and if anything, I’d say the finish is more velvet than true matte. The satin formula is HEAVENLY; lush, creamy, and incredibly hydrating throughout wear.


Lipstick Shine (CAN $80.00/each) | Housed in similar cases as the lipsticks, but in a slighter taller and slimmer version, these are semi-sheer lipsticks that come to a shiny finish. The formula contains Premium Argan Oil that’s rich in Vitamin E, providing nourishing comfort throughout wear, and they are meant to be relatively long-lasting — despite their emollient nature. I appreciate that these provide a lot more opacity than I expected and surprisingly, they do last for quite some time. The texture is perfection: gliding effortlessly along the lips and leaving behind a brilliant shine. Multi-Faceted is the one shade that differs in formulation, as it belongs to the Lipstick Shimmer group, but I’ve included it here just the same and swatched it the same manner as the others. In my opinion, this is best dabbed over other shades (the centre of the lips is the ideal spot to apply it), or worn with a clear gloss on top, as on its own I find it served to emphasize my lip lines.

*NOTE: two of the shades that I received (Multi-Faceted and Go-Getter Grape), were somewhat damaged and I pulled out every trick I know to make them photo-worthy

  • Multi-Faceted – pale gold, frosted finish
  • Transcendent – caramel nude
  • Knockout Nectar – softest peach
  • Impulsive – sweet red, blue based
  • Always-Right Red – true red
  • Go-Getter Grape – berry/port wine



I’ll just say it: I almost didn’t want to like any of these lipsticks, because $$$$$ but DAMN. They’re good. As in, real good and while I still can’t justify the price tag, I will say that if you can afford the splurge, then this brand’s lipsticks are definitely worth looking into. Adding these to your holiday wishlist wouldn’t be a bad idea either … or even gifting to someone you love (and maybe then ‘borrowing‘ from, lol).

Available online and select retailers




Kindly provided by Clé de Peau for my unbiased consideration

What are your thoughts, beautiful?

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