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Inspired by their cult-fave blush, NARS has released the limited edition Orgasm On The Beach Collection for summer 2021. And even if the name weren’t enough to seduce you (but I mean … COME on …), or if you’ve yet to try your first NARS Orgasm, then here’s your chance to get it on. Ok … I’ll stop with the double-entendres now (maybe).



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It’s all about “that” glow …



You know it’s going to be hot when the packaging looks like this


Bang-on metallic pink packaging to set the mood (warned you I wasn’t done …)



Multiple Orgasms, done the NARS way (… still at it)



Orgasm On The Beach Cheek Palette, limited edition (CAN $78.00) | Inspired by the brand’s iconic peachy-pink Orgasm Blush and featuring hues that play on a coral/golden theme, all 6 shades of this palette work beautifully on their own, or layered for unique new combinations. The formula contains translucent micro spheres that suspend pure pigments, which then form an innovative powder base. The lightweight texture is super easy to build up or  wear as a sheer wash of colour, and all display an excellent blendability. Apart from wearing these shades on the face, each can also double as eyeshadow and while the lighter colours are great for highlighting, the brownish hue (top row, right) can also work as a bronzer. The texture is so finely milled that it seems to meld into the skin, looking even better with time. Staying power over primer/foundation is wonderful, without any significant fading or creasing.


  • Turtle Bay – shimmering peach champagne
  • Naples – metallic rose gold
  • Mandalay – satin caramel bronze
  • Montezuma – shimmering golden peach
  • Orgasm – peachy pink with gold shimmer
  • Zuma – satin rouge






Orgasm Blush Jumbo, limited edition (CAN $52.00) | What is left to say about this icon that hasn’t already been said? Apart from the fact that every makeup artist on the planet has one in their kit, this shade is universally flattering on every skin tone and on both cool and warm complexions — a feat that not many blushes can boast. First launched in 1999, this product became and instant hit; as much for its provocative name, as with the colour itself … which, I might add, was inspired by the way skin flushes after the big “O”. I actually still have the original one I purchase back in 1999 and while the texture is a little dry now, it’s still nice to see that the colour hasn’t really changed much over time. Since its launch and along with advances in cosmetics technology, NARS has tweaked & improved the formula, and now this cult fave product has also spawned an entire Orgasm army: highlighters, liquid blushes, eyeshadow, lipstick, glosses and even nail polish. As far as the jumbo size blush goes, I actually prefer this larger compact because it means I can go in easier with a large fluffy brush — which is the type I prefer to use for this particular blush. As to staying power, when worn over primer/foundation, let’s just say that it’ll keep going long after you’re done. smirk




Orgasm Jumbo Blushes clockwise from top left: 2021 edition, 2018 edition (reviewed here), and 2016 edition (reviewed here)


In swatching, I found that both this year’s version and the one from 2018 are almost identical, both in terms of texture and colour. If anything, the 2021 edition might have a teeny bit more gold in it, but that can also be due to the way it was swatched. The 2016 edition, on the other hand, clearly has a touch more pink in the base.


I’ve also included swatches of all the Orgasm Blush iterations for comparison. From left:

  • Orgasm Blush original 1999 edition – slightly more golden overall, but that could also be due to its age (the texture is significantly drier than I remember)
  • Orgasm Blush 2017 edition – very similar to the original but maybe slightly more pink and with an easier to work with texture
  • Super Orgasm Blush – more pink than gold and with gold glitter pieces
  • Orgasm X Blush – (the Orgasm X Collection reviewed in full here) more hot pink in the base and with the smoothest texture of the bunch


Trust NARS to come to the point: Orgasm On The Beach — the collection’s name basically encapsulates summer, heat, playful sensuality, and a whole lot of titillating illicit activity (oh, come on … we’re all thinking it). But in all seriousness, this cheek palette is a bonafide winner (yes, I’m still double-entendreing). If you’ve yet to jump on the Orgasm Blush bandwagon, then this jumbo size is for you (although the iconic hue is also part of the palette — just saying). Final thoughts? Both products are absolute winners — and limited edition, so you know the drill.

Available at Sephora, select retailers, and on the NARS website




Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration

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