OPI · Iceland Collection, Fall/Winter 2017


Before going to Iceland became the “IT travel destination”, this country with its ethereal beauty has long been on my bucket list of places to visit. As a Québecer/Canadian, I’m pretty sure I can handle the wintry climate there with ease, but something tells me that I’ll be too busy staring at all the incredible vistas to notice the weather (case in point: the stunning images of Iceland, below). As far as Fall/Winter themes go, OPI couldn’t have chosen better — this Iceland Collection is what Ice Queen dreams are made of. Even the name sounds romantic, no?



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Winter still life. Literally and figuratively

Ice, in all its frosty glory

I mean, COME ON


With the exception of Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots, all shades boast the same qualities: an easy self-levelling flow along the nail, a hybrid crème-jelly formula with an excellent density, and a naturally glossy finish. Another thing in common is that none are staining upon removal — not even the deepest hues. OPI’s brush is also a breeze to use, although its slighter wider shape at the tip might be a bit of a challenge for those with small/narrow nails, but can also be easily solved by turning it to use along its side. All swatches are with 2 coats of polish, no top coat.

The crèmes:

  • Icelanded a Bottle of OPI | greige, dove-grey
  • This Isn’t Greenland | pistachio, moss green
  • I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic | dusky pink, salmon-rose
  • One Heckla of a Color! | lilac purple
  • Aurora Berry-alis | dusty carnation pink, sunset rose
  • Krona-logical Order | espresso, mouse brown
  • That’s What Friends Are Thor | muted raisin, earthy brown
  • Less is Norse | dark periwinkle, navy ice
  • Suzi & the Arctic Fox | deep dusty indigo

If that’s not the Northern Lights captured in nail polish form, I don’t know what is


I’ve opted to show the non-crèmes separately and while they obviously differ from the rest via their respective shimmers, it should be noted that they still display similarly easy formulas. Again, Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots is the only tricky one due to its frosty finish: a steady hand in application helps to keep brush strokes to a minimum, although any lines do seem to smooth out somewhat as the polish dries. All swatches are with 2 coats of polish, no top coat.

  • Check Out the Old Geysers | icy blue with ultrafine shimmer/lavender-pink shift
  • Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots | frosted plummy pink, light mauve undertone
  • Turn on the Northern Lights! | inky blue with ultrafine shimmer, pink-gold shift



The press kit I received came with some really fun extras; a fleece-lined knit hat that was perfect in handling the Polar Vortex conditions we experienced, a cobalt-coloured passport cover that I can’t wait to put into actual use (i.e.: I’m in desperate need of some away time), and a Gin & Tonic Carry On Cocktail Kit — and while I’m more of a red wine person, how cute is this little thing?


Back in the day, OPI’s formulas used to be all over the place, but the last few collections have been getting it oh-so-right. The Iceland Collection is no exception and there was plenty of oohing and ahhing going on as I prepared the swatches. That said, while the colours may not be groundbreaking, they are well crafted and can transcend the seasons — which in turn makes them very versatile, indeed. Frosty hues such as Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots are not my thing, although I know plenty of people who live for shades like that but Turn On the Norther Lights! hits every single sweet spot, and is an absolute MUST. I mean … just look at it — need I say more?

Available at fine salons, spas & select online retailers


Kindly provided by OPI for my unbiased consideration

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