Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

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Just in time for travel season, Guerlain has released a travel size collection of skincare heros that you really won’t want to be without. As a brand that is the very epitome of understated luxury, don’t expect fireworks and/or trumpeting; instead what you’ll get is four must-have products for your face & lips that produce results — quickly and effectively.

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Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

Guerlain My Super Tips

Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

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Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

Guerlain My Super Tips swatches

Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit) swatches

Guerlain SOS Cream

SOS Cream (CAN $35.00) | A rose scented ultra-nourishing dense cream that becomes instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving a buttery soft feel behind. Created to give your skin a shot of TLC after being exposed to external irritants and influences, it can be used morning or evening — or whenever you feel the need for a little bit of extra pampering.

Guerlain Midnight Secret

Midnight Secret (CAN $35.00) | A lightweight cream in a semi-fluid texture with a soft lavender fragrance, and that is meant to be applied in the evening before bed. Aimed at giving your skin a more refreshed and revitalized appearance, along with helping to reducing puffiness and a tired/dull complexion, this is the perfect product to have on hand to beat the late-night blahs. Seriously.

Guerlain Radiance in a Flash

Radiance In A Flash (CAN $35.00) | A peachy pearlescent cream-lotion with a cooling feel upon the skin, bearing a light & fresh floral fragrance, this adds a jolt of luminosity to the skin with an instant tightening effect you can feel immediately upon application. Worn alone, it provides a light evenness of tone (not meant to camouflage like a foundation, however) and also works beautifully under foundation as a radiant-type primer. It can also be applied over foundation on strategic key areas to give your skin some enhancement.

Guerlain Super Lips

Lip Hero (CAN $35.00) | Brimming with nourishing oils and butters, this lip balm aims to not only provide lips with an instant plumping effect (albeit, slight as it is), but will keep them thoroughly nourished with beneficial long-term effects. The convenient slanted tip makes application on the go a breeze, and the warm almost vanilla/butterscotch-like scent (my absolute fave) is positively delicious. I have two last words: Holy Grail.

Guerlain Super Lips swatch

Guerlain | Lip Hero swatch


A quick show of hands: Planning a quick weekend getaway? Need some conveniently-sized skincare helpers in your daily makeup bag? A fan of Guerlain’s amazing products? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you need to check these little treasures out. As someone who is somewhat obsessed with lip balms (and believe me, I’ve tried TONS), I now refuse to be without Lip Hero and love the difference it’s made to my frequently parched lips. I’m now a complete fan of how quickly Radiance In A Flash becomes absorbed into the skin, yet still manages to leave a nice base behind and as to Midnight Secret? Let’s just say that I had occasion to put it through vigorous testing this past weekend and was so pleased at the results. For anyone who’s a fan of rose-scented skincare, you’ll adore SOS Cream, but what will wow you even more is the way your skin will feel after application … impressive enough that I think I’ll petition Guerlain to create a full-body version.

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Thank you to Guerlain for providing this amazing beauty survival kit/As always, all opinions are my own

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